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Clark – ‘Winter Linn’

Taken from Clark‘s eponymous seventh album, ‘Winter Linn’ delivers on all fronts. This time Clark’s sumptuous, emotive, beat-driven electronic tapestry is accompanied by a brilliant video directed by the wonderful Chris Hewitt. I’m a massive fan of creative and smart 3d animation in music video and this piece hits that nail on the head so hard it will forever be buried in the wood. Interpreting Clark‘s vision for the album of “music like sculpture”, Hewitt has made vision that is as engaging as the music is accompanies. Total alchemy. Here’s a wonderful quote from Hewitt on the video to round things off, “I’ve been a big fan of Clark’s for years, having been drawn to the dark, distorted romance of his work. I’m excited by how his brain interprets reality and, in turn, music. Clark is one of the very few people I’d do mushrooms with. I love him that much.” – Chris... read more

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