David Sylvian – ‘Orpheus’

I love David Sylvian, from the dream art-funk of Japan to the ambient neo-pop of Gone to Earth to his more recent experimental explorations. He’s one of the great long range artists that has continued to evolve and engage rather than being dulled by time. Across all his releases, my wife, myself and even our 8 year old daughter have reserved a special listening place for Secrets of the Beehive and it’s siren song ‘Orpheus’. It conjures such vivid images via melody and lyrical play alone that it would seem an uphill task to put vision to it, yet here we are. This video holds so much back and gives so much more in return. In taking the non-prescriptive approach it speaks to those unquantifiable aspects of the song – nostalgia, memory, yearning. This video often reminds me of sepia take on Kenneth Anger‘s stunning 1953 short film Eau d’Artifice and has much in common with that films “inference versus description” approach. Brilliant.

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